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Fitness Club RestrictionS
are not working out

Support a safe and responsible reopening plan for Ontario fitness clubs.

The pandemic has taken a heavy toll on all of us. Health and wellness – both physical and mental – are hurting in Ontario. In times like these, exercise and fitness are more important than ever. Healthcare professionals agree: we need access to more, not less, physical activity.

Unfortunately, and unfairly, fitness clubs and gyms have been forced to close or operate under extremely restrictive conditions for over a year. The closure of fitness clubs and gyms has been without basis and counterproductive.

It’s time to change the Ontario government’s unwarranted approach. With your help, we can get Ontario moving again, and get physical and mental fitness back on track.

Fitness clubs are a part of the solution, not the problem.

Our Ask

1. Follow science, not speculation. Let evidence-based data guide decisions.
Similar to park playgrounds, there is no data that shows fitness clubs and gyms are a significant source of COVID-19 outbreaks. Just the opposite: when we were allowed to operate, we’ve hosted millions of safe workouts.

2. Give health and fitness experts a seat at the table when planning reopenings.
Fitness professionals have deep experience and expertise. They can help officials make informed, evidence-based decisions about safely reopening and operating fitness clubs.

3. Capacity restrictions should be based on operating space.
A one-size-fits-all approach is not fair – we’re not all one size. Randomly limiting capacity to 10, 20 or 50 people doesn’t make sense when one location is a small strip mall studio, and another has the floor space of a football field. Allow gyms and studios to gradually and safely open based on a percentage of their space – just like other industries. And include group fitness classes in all phases – they can operate just as safely and responsibly.

Fitness is Essential


Of Ontarians now believe we’ll be in a serious mental health crisis post-pandemic.

March 2021 Poll Canadian Mental Health Association (CMHA), Ontario Division

1 in 6

Canadians belong to a gym or fitness club.

(Source: FIC Canada, 2020)

Fitness facilities are part of the healthcare solution. They help us rehabilitate from injuries, manage chronic mental health issues, train for work and recreation, and improve overall health and well-being, minimizing the burden on our healthcare system.

While there have been a couple of reports about outbreaks in gyms, the reality is that these were rare and isolated incidents. The fact is, few other businesses have demonstrated their safety and responsible operations as the fitness industry has. Yet, we remain subject to unfair restrictions and closures.

The fitness industry is a leader when it comes to health and safety protocols. We have implemented thorough contact tracing, proper physical distancing, continuous cleaning, and mandatory use of protective equipment. Fitness clubs and gyms are safe, responsible, and ready.

Let’s do the right thing and get Ontario moving again.

Support a safe and responsible reopening plan for Ontario fitness clubs.